DMT Cart



Each cartridge contains 4.3 grams of 98% pure N,N Dmt

3 Cartridges for $180

5 Cartridges for $220

10 Cartridges for $520

15 Cartridges for $700


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The only way to describe the taste and sensation of smoking this form of cannabis is “indescribable.” It’s like nothing else on Earth. Like most people, I went out and bought a vape pen when they first came out. After trying a few different strains and brands, I threw them all away in favor of DMT-only carts. Now that I use DMT carts exclusively for my concentrates, there is no temptation to go back to smoking bud anymore…Even at first hit! With DMT carts you get so much more flavor and satisfaction for the same amount of THC as other vapes provide their users with.        If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary—something truly unique—then try some Live Resin pods or Budder pods today…and see what you think! But it’s not all about “flavors” – distillate cannabis oil pods can provide up to 27% THC per cartridge resulting in an extremely potent experience (and consistent potency) that rivals all other vaping cannabis solutions but at considerably less total cost/cartridge value than other options like dabbing or dab pens.

Each cartridge contains 4.3grams of 98% pure N,N Dmt


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